Why won’t my air conditioner start?

With the rising temperatures, most homeowners are getting ready to turn on their A/C units. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t start or they just don’t cool properly. There can be a variety of reasons why equipment problems occur and that is why we stress that annual maintenance be performed.

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Some of the most A/C service problems we encounter are:

  • Rodents have chewed through the wires, it could be the low voltage or line voltage
  • The outside disconnect may not be making proper contact
  • The contactor has a mouse nest which is preventing the current to pass through
  • Main breaker is off
  • Main breaker is defective
  • Thermostat is not set to cool mode
  • Bad condenser motor
  • Bad capacitor
  • Defective compressor
  • Plugged filter

With our annual preventative maintenance programs, you can be assured that your equipment will be in proper working condition when you need it.

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