Why Does My Basement Have a Musty Smell?

Many homeowners spend a lot of money in finishing their basement or lower level only to find out that the area is uncomfortable, especially on hot humid days. Any living space below ground level has potential problems, but in the summer, humidity is the worst. Excess humidity can cause mold growth, increase dust mites, ruin furniture and cause a musty odor.


On hot days the A/C runs longer which also removes enough humidity in the main house to make it feel comfortable. But on milder days when the A/C runs less, the humidity builds up quickly, especially in lower levels and basements. They tend to be cold, clammy and sometimes develop a musty odor. This is when you need to install a dehumidifier.

A portable unit can handle a regular sized room but for larger areas you need a whole house dehumidifier. These units are installed into your duct system and have their own humidistat control. They can remove up to 17 gallons of water per day. These units will also reduce the running time of the A/C system.

With proper dehumidification you will improve your health, protect your home’s structural integrity, protect your furnishings, and eliminate musty odors.

basement musty smell