What Kind of Motor Does Your Furnace Have?

Before air conditioning was so popular and common as it is today, furnaces had a designed strictly for heating. Those units had single speed belt driven motors. They were great for heating but not ideal for cooling.

As central cooling systems became more affordable, their popularity soared. Equipment manufacturers responded with direct drive multispeed motors in new furnaces. This solved the problem of different air flow requirements between heating and cooling. With technological advancements in compressor and gas valve designs, there became a need for a more versatile blower motor. The challenge was met with the introduction of the ECM motor.

ECM Motor

Electronically commutated motors are variable speed DC (direct current) motors that can save up to 75% of energy consumption. With inverter compressors and modulating gas valves. These motors provide just the right amount of air flow in the heat/cool cycle. A properly designed system will not only give you the most comfortable home but also the most efficient and quietest.

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