What is the best air conditioner?

With the warm weather upon us, most homeowners are scheduling their annual maintenance inspection for their A/C units. However, there are many units out there that have problems and customers would like to upgrade to more efficient equipment. One of the most common questions we get is, “What is the best air conditioner unit to buy?”

For many years, the best choice was to buy a two stage compressor. But in today’s market, the inverter compressor is the best. This design has taken home comfort to a whole new level.

The key features of this system are:

  • Efficiency levels up to 24 SEER, which in some cases reduces electrical consumption up to 50%.
  • A sound rating of 56 decibels. You would have to stand next to it to hear it.
  • They are available in two versions: a 5 stage compressor or a fully modulating compressor that has 60 levels of cooling. Either one of these units maximize dehumidification which is the crux for indoor comfort.
  • Compact footprint for easy installation in any setting.
  • Qualify for factory rebates and ComEd rebates.
  • With pin point cooling you eliminate temperature swings on your thermostat.

A properly sized A/C unit will cool your home, but with an inverter compressor you will bring indoor comfort to a new level.

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