What is a Mini Split?

Most homeowners are very familiar with central air conditioners and furnaces because practically every home has one. But in the rest of the world most people are familiar wiht mini splits. These are heating and cooling units that usually are ductless. Their main advantage is that they allow you to control the temperature in each room.

A mini split (or a ductless system) consists of three components: an outdoor condenser, an indoor air handler (evaporator), and a copper line set that connects them just like a central A/C. These units can be cooling only or cooling and heating. The main advantage of these units is their extremely quiet operation, high efficiency and flexibility of installation.

Most existing homes would not be a good candidate to switch a central system to a mini split due to logistical problems and the cost. But in new construction it would be feasible, especially in smaller homes.

Some of the more practical reasons for installing mini splits are:

  • Room additions.
  • Existing rooms that are too hot or cold and the ductwork is not accessible.
  • Churches that do not have A/C.
  • Offices that need additional cooling due to lighting loads or excess heat.
  • Restaurants that need additional cooling on weekends.
  • Any other structure where ductwork is not feasible or aesthetically not desired.

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