What does a furnace inspection consist of?

All HVAC manufacturers require annual inspections of their equipment to validate their warranty. Most homeowners know the importance of preventative maintenance but very few actually know what that process entails.

The old way of inspecting furnaces

Year ago, furnaces had cast iron heat exchangers and burners. During the heating cycle the constant expansion and contraction created metal fatigue which resulted in metal flaking. This required the heat exchanger to be brushed out and all burners to be vacuumed. If this wasn’t done on an annual basis, the burners would get covered by the metal flakes. This debris build up would result in improper combustion that resulted in carbon buildup in the heat exchanger.

The new way of inspecting furnaces

Fortunately, modern technology has redesigned furnaces to the point where actually “cleaning” furnaces is no longer the crux of the safety inspection process. The primary focus today is to use meters to check out the various electric components motors and circuit boards. If they are all in compliance within factory specs then you are ready for another trouble free heating season. This is actually an ideal tie to have your furnace inspected.

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