The Ultimate Home Protection Plan

For decades we have installed various types of air cleaners for our customers. The primary reason was usually to improve indoor air quality for people with allergies. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the air we breathe can become life threatening. Fortunately, we have a 3 step program that can protect your indoor air quality from any bacteria and viruses including COVID-19.


A thorough duct cleaning followed up with an EPA approved sanitizer that has been shown to kill viruses (COVID-19), bacteria and mold.


U.V. equipment installed in your ductwork. Ultra violet is a proven killer of mold, mildew bacteria and most viruses.


The most effective and clinically tested product that kills COVID-19; called the Active Particle Control Filtration System. All pathogens that are captured in your return air ductwork are neutralized with a high intensity energy field. This product was tested in two hospital surgical sings and also at the University of Colorado Environmental Microbiology Laboratory. The results were published in the American Journal of Infection Control.

We are offering a special discount for a package installation of all 3 products. Call our office at 800-350-HVAC (4822) for details.

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