Special Offer! Save 10% on Select Future Services!

Want an easy way to save on a future clean & check of your HVAC equipment? Or maybe a service repair for your furnace? If you’re agreeing to our services for the first time, you can save too!

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Simply leave us a review on Google! It’s easy, just follow the 2 steps below to save:

  1. Click here to open a new tab to leave a Google Review
  2. It will take you to a screen that will have either this box pop up:

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OR it will have this pop-up.

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If you already logged in, you will see the “Rate and Review” box. Simple rate Official Heating & Cooling and leave a review.

If the first box popped up, log into your Google account. If you have a Gmail account, that means you already have a Google account! Log in using those credentials. Once you are done, it will take you to the picture shown above. Simple!

Once you’re done with the review and you’ve submitted it, let us know when you schedule a future service. We will verify and then apply the 10%! The review can be from any past service Official Heating & Cooling has done. If you have pictures, even better! We will use these reviews to see how we are doing and how we can better serve our customers.

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*If you don’t have a Google account, you can also leave a review on our Facebook. You will still receive 10% off*

Leave a Facebook review using your personal account. You can click on the picture below to submit your review.

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(You must like our page before you are able to leave a review.)