How to Protect Your Basement

Wondering How to Protect Your Basement?

With the recent rains that we have had, many homeowners worry about water damage caused by flooding. If your house has structural problems that cause seepage then you have to consult with an engineer. But most water-related problems in basements can be resolved with more reasonable measures.

The most common water damage problems that we encounter are:

Failed sump pumps: If your sump pump is over 10 years old or runs very frequently then you should replace it with a professional grade unit. If you have a finished basement then you should add a battery back up unit. Some models will send a message to your phone if there is a malfunction.

Leaks from HVAC related equipment: Condensing furnaces, evaporator coils, and humidifiers are all potential sources of leaks. We have a Wi-Fi alarm that gives an audible alert and sends a message to your phone when activated.

Excess humidity: This is a silent culprit that you can feel when entering a basement. Especially in the summer months, basements feel cold and clammy and sometimes have a musty odor. In extreme cases mold and mildew are present. With a professional grade dehumidifier set at 50% relative humidity, all of these problems will be gone.

protect your basement - water leak

Any questions on how else you can protect your basement? You can reach our office at 815-220-5125 or reach me personally at 815-404-4636. You can also request an appointment online.

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