Lexie Says: Fall Tips! Tune Ups, Cleaning, and Filter Changes

Fall weather is quickly approaching! Soon you will be switching from air conditioning to heating! Before the weather gets tough and your furnace is working overtime, make sure that it is ready to go. Prevent any possible breakdowns mid single degree weather by having your furnace checked and cleaned now. There are a few things you can do yourself to prepare now.

Inspect air filters to determine whether they will need to be cleaned or replaced.

This should be done every three months or so. Fall is the perfect time to do so. A dirty air filter makes it difficult for conditioned air to reach rooms. Efficiency is reduced with a dirty filter resulting in a higher bill at the end of the month. There are inexpensive filters available for purchase and in packages to reduce costs while ensuring that clean filters are at hand when needed. If you suffer from allergies there are also special filters available that help reduces allergens in your home.

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Any cracks or holes around the outside perimeter of a home should be sealed with caulk.

Keeping cold air out allows the heating system to run more efficiently. The same applies to any openings in your duct system. Any air leaking can result in higher work for your unit and an expensive bill. Call us today to have your ducts inspected and sealed before the colder weather arrives!

If you are having trouble keeping your rooms an even temperature, you can reverse the direction of ceiling fans in cooler weather.

Ceiling fans do not actually change the temperature in a room. Fans that are spinning clockwise circulate warm air throughout a room. Zoning can fix any temperature differences if changing fan directions doesn’t work. We also provide zoning services.

To keep your unit running at its peak, lubricating moving parts in a heating system or calibrating a thermostat is required. Cleaning blades and blower too.

This requires a professional hand and that’s where we can come in. Call 815-220-5125 or set up an appointment for heating repairs in Woodstock, Crystal Lake, Elgin, Gilberts, and surrounding areas! We are available 24-hours if there is an HVAC emergency.

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