Lexie Says: Change is Good!

Change always happens but it seems like the most noticeable changes are when it’s back to school season! TV commercials are all about back-to-school supplies, savings on uniforms and new clothes, and the house becoming quieter. With all the commotion of back-to-school happening, it might be hard to notice any change that does happen to you. The sun going down a bit earlier, the weather not being as hot, and your child not fitting in the same size shirt they did last year!

Even dogs notice the change, trust me! Less play time is always noticed.

Mid-Year Checks

Since this is almost like a mid-year restart, it’s a good time to check your air filters and the condition of your AC. It’s been three months of summer heat. It’s important that your AC takes you down the final stretch of summer and is prepared for next year’s hot weather. Leaves will be falling soon which means extra pollen floating around as well as debris. Make sure you check your filter and change it once it runs its course. One way to find out if it needs changing is by simply looking at your energy bill. If the cost seemed to rise for no apparent reason, it might mean that your system is working harder than it needs to push cold air out!

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Remember, change is good! Especially for an air filter. You do want to live comfortably, right?

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