Is Your Basement Ready For Spring Showers?

The next two months usually deluge us with a ton of water. Many homeowners worry about damage to their homes and personal property due to flooding. If your house has seepage issues during the rainy season then you should consult with a structural engineer. Fortunately, most basement water problems can be resolved with less drastic measures.

For a dry basement you should do the following:

  • Make sure the ground around your home is sloped away from the foundation. This way the water is diverted from the structure.
  • Make sure downspouts and sump pumps discharge the water at least 15-20 feet from the structure. Replace your sump pump if it is over 10 years old or if it runs frequently due to a high water table. Make sure to get a professional grade unit.
  • If you have frequent power outages then you should have a battery back up pump that has a marine grade battery.
  • For the ultimate peace of mind, you should have a leak detection alarm. The one we use gives an audible alarm and also sends an alert to your phone instantly when water makes contact with the unit.

Basement Ready For Spring Showers