Is your A/C low on refrigerant?

In an ideal world you should not have to add refrigerant to your A/C system. Unfortunately, sometimes leaks develop for a number of reasons. The key is to find the leak and fix it. There are several ways to find leaks. We use electronic leak detectors, dyes, and ultraviolet light, soap bubbles and nitrogen for pressurizing the system. If the leak is so small that we can’t find it then we inject a sealer which usually resolves the problem.

Perform a Refrigerant Leak Check

Running a system which is low on refrigerant usually results in poor or no cooling, increases operational costs, and can be detrimental to the equipment.

In the heat of summer, most companies don’t have the time to do an extensive leak check. Now, during the relatively milder summer temperatures is the perfect time to perform a leak check.

If you have to add refrigerant to your system more than once a year, then you need to have it leak checked and solve the problem. If your equipment is over 12-15 years old, then you should consider replacing it with higher efficiency equipment.

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