HVAC Equipment and Its Efficiency

Typically, the furnace and A/C are appliances that most homes have.They are in the basement and the side or backyard. For the average homeowner, they are out of sight and are only thought of when there is a problem. A visual inspection of the equipment cannot tell you the efficiency level but only a “guesstimate.”


When manufacturers publish their AFUE and SEER ratings they are all performed in ideal lab settings.Unfortunately, the average duct systems that we encounter are anything but ideal. With an underperforming duct system, it is impossible to obtain maximum efficiency and comfort from even the best equipment.

hvac equipment - crystal lake


For the month of April, Official Heating & Cooling is offering a free diagnostic testing of your HVAC equipment when you purchase our regular maintenance and safety inspection. The enhanced testing will show the performance level of your ductwork, how much air loss your system has due to leakage, air/fuel ratio, carbon monoxide levels, check manifold pressure, adjust combustion gases, etc.

These diagnostics will pinpoint any deficiencies in your duct system and equipment. We can show you the pre and post test results and also tell you the efficiency level of the equipment. This process is normally a $150 value that we are offering an added value to our customers. Take advantage of our free diagnostic.


If your HVAC equipment needs to be replaced, we can help with that as well. We install a new furnace, A/C, sump pumps, or water heaters! If your HVAC equipment just needs a tune-up, after the diagnostic we can help too.

Call us 24/7 365 days a year for any of your HVAC needs! Plus, if you want to save 10% on a future service review us on Google or Facebook!