How to Survive Extreme Hot Weather

Most air conditioners do a good job keeping us comfortable on average summer days. But when hot weather starts to appear, the temperature hits in the mid 90’or higher, then all normal design conditions become moot.

*Hot Weather Warning*

A/C units are sized based on the heat gain of the house. But this load varies based on geographic areas across the country. A 2,000 square foot home in Chicago will have a smaller A/C unit than a similar size home in Phoenix. The latest design criteria are based on satisfying the living space 99% of the time based on an 89 F outside temperature. Any temps that are higher fall into the 1% category and are not considered average for the area.

heat advisory - hot weather

When outside temperatures exceed 90 F, do the following:

  • Shade the west and south facing windows.
  • Make sure the furnace filter is clean.
  • Make sure outside condenser is clean.
  • Set thermostat to Fan “ON” to keep the air circulating.
  • Do not use set back features in extreme weather.
  • Do not turn off your A/C unit when leaving the house, but rather raise the room temperature
  • If room temperatures rise while the unit is running, call for service.

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