How Much Air Loss in Your Duct System?

Most homeowners that have forced air heating and cooling only think about their HVAC system if there is a problem. Typically it would be a no heat or no cooling situation. Unfortunately, most duct systems leak like a sieve and that is a big problem in terms of comfort and wasted resources.

If you had an 8″ or 10″ hole in any of the exterior walls no responsible owner would ignore it. Yet, most homes have air leakage equal to or greater than that. The reason that this problem is so low on the list of priorities is that the average owner is not aware of it. The assumption is that every duct system has leakage. Furthermore, the thermostat keeps the equipment running until the setpoint is reached. Therefore, the overall comfort level seems O.K.

aeroseal mchenry - air leaks
Before and After an Aeroseal Treatment

The building codes have focused in on this problem. Now, they require new homes and duct systems in unconditioned spaces to be tested for leakage prior to occupancy.

The simple fix for this problem in existing homes is to seal the ducts. Aeroseal is a patent designed product to seal your ducts. The average home that we have sealed showed 95 to 98% now being re-directed into the home. The net result is improved airflow in the home, greater comfort, and greater energy savings because the equipment doesn’t have to run as long before satisfying the thermostat.

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