How Is Your Humidifier?

It is a universal truth that proper humidity levels make for a more comfortable and healthy home. With the wide temperature swings that we have had this winter, your humidistat has gotten quite a workout.

The mechanical room is probably the most neglected room in the house. Unless there is an obvious mechanical failure, most people avoid it. A proactive approach would be to do a visual inspection a couple of times a week, especially in extreme temperature swings.

Typically, most HVAC equipment does not leak. But any time you have valves, threaded fittings, and hose clamps, the possibility of a leak does not exist. Humidifiers will definitely leak if not inspected and serviced. Sediment will clog the filter’s porosity which will lead to an overflow of water to the surrounding area.

If the humidifier is mounted on the sheet metal in the front of the furnace then any leakage can cause damage to the heat exchanger, motors and circuit boards. We highly recommend a Wi-Fi leak detector near any appliance that could be a potential water problem. These units emit a loud audible alert and send a message to your phone when water makes a contact with their sensor. For more information please call us at 800-350-HVAC (4822). Mention this article and receive a 10% discount on this product.

before after ductwork - Humidifier