How is the Humidity in your Home?

During the summer months the outside humidity can reach 70-80% or higher. This is what makes us feel so uncomfortable. When we run our A/C units two things change in the home. The first thing most people look for is a drop in indoor temperature. The most important thing that should occur is a drop in humidity. The more humidity that is removed makes for a much more comfortable home. The ideal indoor humidity level should be between 30-50%.

If your A/C unit is running but you don’t feel very comfortable then you may have some of the following problem:

  • A/C unit is oversized.
  • System may not be charged properly.
  • Dirty condenser coil.

Additional steps you can take to improve indoor comfort are to seal all moisture leaks in your basement and crawl space. Crawl spaces should not have any outside vents. Adding a commercial grade dehumidifier in your basement is the next best appliance you can have (other than the A/C).


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