How Important is Your Furnace Filter?

The average homeowner doesn’t think about their furnace or A/C unless there is a problem. Many service calls that we encounter are directly caused by dirty filters. The other problem that is very prevalent is the use of filters that are too restrictive, they don’t allow enough air flow through their medium.

How does a dirty or restrictive filter affect the performance of your HVAC equipment?

  • Heating Mode – If the furnace does not get the proper air flow across the heat exchanger it will shut down. There is a safety control called a limit switch which will shut off the gas valve when the furnace overheats.
  • Cooling Mode – When the air flow across the evaporator is too restricted it will cause the coil to freeze. It actually turns into a block of ice. At that point there is no air coming out of any supply register.

A simple check (every month) of your filter can prevent many of these problems. If you are doing any remodeling then you should check the filter daily or weekly, depending on the scope of the project.

how important is your air filter