How Have Furnaces Changed Over Time?

From the 1950’s through the 70’s, most furnaces were designed to just heat the house, cooling was the exception. Therefore, all furnaces had belt drive motors and standing pilot lights. The net result was a super quiet air delivery system. But everything changed when the government started to mandate higher efficiency ratings.

So in the 80’s all the manufacturers switched to direct drive multiple speed blower motors, electronic ignition, and inducer motors. This resulted in louder operating noises than on any of the “old” units. If the furnace “old” units. If the furnace was in a basement, crawl or attic then the noise level was tolerable but if the equipment was in the hallway or kitchen then it became an issue. After some time most people got used to the noise and lived with it.

As we entered the 90’ s most manufacturers were busy with the newest technology: the 90% furnace. These units eliminated the need for a conventional metal chimney because they could be sidewall vented with PVC piping. Also, they used a second PVC pipe to draw in combustion air from outside, which minimized the negative pressure within the home. The net result was a quieter furnace than the 80% units.

The design evolution of furnaces continues, and today the pinnacle is the 98% efficiency, modulating gas valve and variable speed blower. This is not only the most efficient and comfortable furnace but it is quieter than the old standing pilot light units.

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