How Can Cold Weather Affect Your Furnace?

Fortunately most of the heating season is not too extreme and our furnaces do a good job of keeping us comfortable. But whenever the outside conditions drop to the low teens or below zero, then many heating systems tend to have problems or just don’t function. Some of the most common problems are:

  • Furnace runs most of the time In sub zero conditions it is not unusual; the main culprit is that your home is losing the heat almost as fast as the furnace is delivering it. If you can maintain your heat at 68-72 degrees F then the furnace is properly sized. But if you are losing heat then the furnace may be undersized.
  • 90% plus furnace won’t start – In very rare cases if you have a two pipe system, the intake pipe can freeze up and shut down the furnace. This usually is the result of an improper installation where the fumes from the exhaust pipe are sucked into the intake pipe and freeze.

Once again, with proper HVAC maintenance most of these issues can be corrected before they turn into a bigger problem.

how can cold weather affect your furnace