How are A/C units priced?

There are too many variables involved for us to give accurate phone quotes. Typically there are several factors that determine the cost of a new A/C unit.

Cost - How are A/C Units Priced

A/C Unit Pricing Factors

  • Efficiency – This is the primary cost factor. 13 SEER is the basic unit and they go up to 26 SEER. The cost difference can be several thousand dollars. The geographic area and usage pattern are the best factors in deciding on the level of efficiency.
  • Equipment Size – A/C units are rated on tonnage, 2-5 ton are the most common residential sizes. The bigger the tonnage, the more costly to buy.
  • Difficulty of Installation – The time and materials needed to complete a proper installation affect the cost. Obviously if a unit is installed in a basement it will be less costly as opposed to a tight attic.

It is always in the customer’s best interest to be properly informed prior to making a purchase and the best way to accomplish this is with a free in-home consultation.

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