Is Your Home Protected from Water Damage?

Spring and summer storms are typically the time that most homeowners would worry about water damage affecting their property. Unfortunately, subzero temperatures can create more chaos than thunderstorms.

During the last two weeks, we encountered several situations where water pipes burst and caused extensive water damage.One customer was out of town for a few days and upon returning home found his furnace out which caused his pipes to break. Water was dripping out of his ceiling light fixtures.

Wi-Fi Leak Detector

The good news is that most of these problems can be avoided by installing a Wi-Fi water leak detector. We highly recommend these units to all of our customers because they are the cheapest insurance for your home. The Lyric protects your home in the following ways:

  • These units should be placed wherever you want to be notified of a water leak. Under a sink, near a sump pump, in a finished basement area, etc. Any moisture that comes in contact with the probe gives you an audible alarm that you can instantly hear and it sends a message to your phone alerting you to the problem.
  • These units also act as a temperature alert. You can choose whatever temperature you want and if the house drops below that level you will receive a notice on your phone. If our customer would have had one in their house, they would have avoided thousands of dollars in repairs.

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