Helpful Tips for Protecting Your A/C

Now that summer is winding down, many homeowners want to know how to protect their A/C unit in the off season. There is no winterization that has to be done but the following tips may be helpful:

  • Make sure that equipment has been inspected and cleaned. If not, this is an ideal time to do it.
  • Use your garden hose to clean off any debris from the condenser. From an aesthetic perspective, you can cover the condenser with any waterproof material. Make sure to leave some air space along the bottom for air circulation. This will prevent the formation of condensation.
  • Turn off the breaker for the A/C in the main electric panel. This will prevent an accidental start up in the winter months, which could cause a compressor failure.

You can call us any time to perform and end of year A/C inspection and cleaning or to do a safety inspection on your furnace.

helpful tips for protecting your ac