Why should you have your duct system sealed?

Should I seal my duct system?

Yes! It will save money on your gas and electric bills!

NICOR, North Shore, and People’s Gas are all endorsing duct sealing. The utility companies know that duct sealing will save you money on your gas and electric bills. Having a duct system sealed is a sure way to save money on your utility bill.

The average home loses between 20-30% of the airflow in the duct system due to holes and leaks caused by poorly connected fittings. This results in higher utility bills and comfort issues in certain rooms or levels of your home.

Duct System Sealed

The most common benefits of duct sealing are:

  • Safety – Properly sealed ducts can help prevent back- rafting, where dangerous combustion gas can be sucked back into your home via the ducts instead of being safely vented outside.
  • Comfort – By sealing the ducts you will re-distribute the air that was previously lost in the basement, walls or attic. This “extra” air will go directly into the living space and improve your comfort.
  • Indoor Air Quality – Leaky ducts can allow allergens, chemical and various airborne particles to be dispersed in your home. Duct sealing will improve the quality of air inside your home.
  • Save Money – Duct leakage will reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment by 20% or more. By sealing the ducts, the equipment doesn’t have to work overtime to reach the desired room temperature. This will save energy and prolong the life of the equipment.

Official Heating & Cooling is a factory authorized dealer for Aeroseal, the premier duct sealing process available.

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