Have you Scheduled your A/C Inspection?

Despite the chaotic times that we are now in, the weather is getting warmer and this is the ideal time to schedule your A/C maintenance inspection.

Many homeowners had service issues from last year regarding their A/C units and need to get them resolved before it gets too hot. Most homeowners just want to make sure that their equipment is working properly and they will have a trouble-free summer.

The most relevant reasons for preventative maintenance are:

  • Efficiency – A dirty condensor can drop your efficiency by more than 25%. It can also cause the unit to short cycle which will increase your operating cost.
  • Comfort – If your refrigerant charge is not up to factory specs you may not be able to achieve your desired temperature.
  • Warranty – On newer equipment the manufacturers require annual inspections to maintain the warranty.
  • Lifespan – Like any other appliance, normal maintenance increases longevity.

a/c inspection