Ductless Systems

Carrier offers ductless systems!

So what exactly is a ductless system? What does it mean?

There are no ducts involved! This system can be used in new or old homes or in rooms that require specific temperatures.

It’s not like adding a space heater or a window A/C system to a room. Those two only do one thing. A ductless system can provide both heating and cooling, whichever you prefer at the time. It can be configured for a single room or multiple rooms. Powering the multiple rooms is done by a single exterior compressor.

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Carrier Technology

The technology used in the Carrier ductless system is what makes them invisible. It uses ultra-quiet inverter technology that can operate at different speed. This results in greater temperature control, energy savings, and powerful dehumidification. You don’t have to worry about the system running at high speed all the time. It has a modulator that changes the speed as needed. It only uses energy when needed.

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Space Saver

The space needed for a ductless system to work is minimal. You don’t have to worry about ducts because it doesn’t need any and you don’t have to worry about patching or painting them!  It simply needs one hole which a tube is passed through to connect to the compressor outside. That same compressor powers the indoor unit so no need for extra wiring.

Allergy Control

Each ductless unit comes with filters that provide cleaner air in the installation location. This is a great thing if you are considering adding it to a room or rooms that have no or poor circulation.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured that this system can handle extreme conditions. Select systems work at -22° F, heating about 80% capacity. It can cool at 100% when the outdoor temperature is 130° F. But let’s hope we never get to experience those temperatures!

Call or request an appointment today to learn if a ductless system is for you! Or if you want to learn more about it!


If you do have ducts in your home, we offer duct cleaning services which currently have a special.