Does Your Furnace Have Poor Airflow?

With the Fall weather upon us, most of us have had to turn on our furnaces to remove that morning chill. But because the outside temperatures are not extreme, the furnace doesn’t have to run too long before satisfying the thermostat. Obviously, the room with the thermostat will be comfortable but some of the outlying rooms may not feel the same. This is a typical scenario in almost every two story home and larger ranches.

Oversized Furnace or Ductwork

Most people accept this comfort variance as the norm, but it is a fixable problem. The first thing to look at is the furnace. Most heating systems are oversized. The bigger the furnace the greater the temperature variance throughout the house. The other factor to check is the size of the ductwork. The furnace should not be bigger (in blower capacity, CFM) than what the duct system was designed for. Also, make sure all the vents are open, this will maximize the air flow.


If the equipment and duct system are sized properly and the home is still unevenly heated, then zoning is the only option. By installing electrically operated dampers in the ducts, we can control the air flow into the problem areas.

I have been installing zone systems for 40 years, and we are so confident in the results that we offer a 100% Money Back Performance Guarantee. If you are tired of being uncomfortable in your own house, please call us for a free in-home evaluation.

Does Your Furnace Have Poor Airflow? - Preseason Furnace Sale