Do You Know The Efficiency of Your Equipment?

Most homeowners that have lived in their homes for a number of years probably have no idea how efficient their furnace or A/C units are. It is impossible to determine the efficiency level by merely looking at the equipment. Even the model number can’t tell you how that unit is performing in your home.


The manufacturers do extensive testing under ideal conditions before they publish efficiency ratings. Unfortunately, your home’s duct system (in over 90% of homes) is not installed to ideal textbook standards. The net result is that new high-efficiency units are installed in poorly designed duct systems and the performance level may never be maximized. This is because there are just too many variables in your home that can negatively affect the efficiency level.

Official Heating & Cooling has the diagnostic tools and the N.A.T.E. certified technicians that can offer you advanced services.


  • Check your duct system for proper design standards to maximize your airflow and comfort.
  • Review your air flow in each room and compare that to the equipment design standards.
  • Check flue gas mixture for proper fuel/air ratio.
  • Check amp draw on all motors.
  • Review all electrical components.

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