What’s the Difference Between Duct Cleaning & Duct Sealing?

If you came here, it was to learn about the difference of both duct services!

Duct Cleaning

As the name implies, duct cleaning is done via a mechanical device that is inserted into each duct and scrubs the interior of all debris and simultaneously vacuums everything into a canister. Upon completion, many homeowners have the ducts sanitized, especially if there was a mold or mildew problem.

difference - duct cleaning
difference - duct cleaning

Duct Sealing

Duct sealing is a patent designed process that can improve the air flow throughout the house and also reduce the operational costs of heating and cooling.

Some key elements of duct sealing are:

  • Seals ducts from the inside, only the leaks not the entire system.
  • Average sealing is 93-97% effective.
  • Improves overall comfort
  • Can reduce energy consumption by 20% or more
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • EPA approved and recommended by all the utility companies

aeroseal mchenry - duct sealing

If your home has areas of uneven temperature or if you have weak air flow, duct sealing could be the solution to your problems. Now that you know the difference, call us today or fill out our form to schedule either or both services to increase your home comfort!

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