What are some common A/C problems?

With the hot humid weather upon us, we get inundated with calls regarding “no cooling”. There are many possible reasons why a system breaks down but the most common is a lack of A/C maintenance. Regular inspections will prevent most of the routine service problems.

Some of the issues we encounter are:

  • Not blowing cool air – Check to see if the outside unit is actually “ON”. When the thermostat is set to cooling that automatically engages the blower in the furnace but not necessarily the condenser. If the breaker for the A/C is “ON” and nothing happens, then you need to call for service.
  • Takes forever to cool – A properly sized A/C system should run a long time to maximize dehumidification. But if your system used to cool better and now it is not, then you may be low on refrigerant.
  • No air from registers – Check to see if the blower motor is running. If it is, then your coil is probably frozen, which will prevent any air flow. Once again, this will require a service technician to inspect the system.

Obviously there are more potential reasons for a breakdown, but these are some of the most common.

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