How is the Air Flow in your Home?

Almost every home has one room or one level that suffers comfort due to poor air flow. Most people just live with the problem because they are not aware of any solutions. Fortunately, we have the technology available that can resolve most of these comfort related problems in the vast majority of cases. There are … Continued

Where is Your Thermostat Located?

It seems that during the heating season we receive more inquiries about thermostat location than any other time of the year. The larger the home, the more difficult it is to have a uniform temperature with one thermostat. For most homes, the ideal location for a thermostat is a hallway. This tends to give the most … Continued

Ask Adam: What is Zoning?

When talking about HVAC you may have heard the term zoning. And you may not have had an idea what that meant. Until now! What is Zoning? First, let’s break down what a zone is or zones are. Zone Zones are simply different areas of your home, each controlled by separate thermostats. Although creating different … Continued

Ask Adam: Why My Rooms Different Temperatures?

Different Temperatures Most homes that have the greatest temperature discrepancies are two stories, Tri-Level, and Bi-Levels. The rooms might be different temperatures because of the air leaking out of ducts and issues with zoning. These contribute to different temperatures in each room. With a free home evaluation, we can find and address the issues. But … Continued

What Causes Poor Airflow in My Ductwork?

What Causes Poor Airflow in My Ductwork? Almost every home has an airflow problem in one room or section of the home. Most homeowners just live with poor airflow. Fortunately, we can fix airflow problems in the vast majority of homes with these issues. The most common reason for poor airflow is a duct system … Continued

Different Temperatures in Rooms

Why are my rooms different temperatures? Various Home Levels and Air Leaks Most homes have a temperature variance in some rooms. The homes that have the greatest amount of different temperatures are 2 Story, Tri-Level, and Bi-Levels. We have two methods to resolve these problems, aeroseal duct sealing and zoning. Aeroseal As seen on “This Old … Continued