How is the Air Flow in your Home?

Almost every home has one room or one level that suffers comfort due to poor air flow. Most people just live with the problem because they are not aware of any solutions. Fortunately, we have the technology available that can resolve most of these comfort related problems in the vast majority of cases. There are … Continued

What’s the Difference Between Duct Cleaning & Duct Sealing?

If you came here, it was to learn about the difference of both duct services! Duct Cleaning As the name implies, duct cleaning is done via a mechanical device that is inserted into each duct and scrubs the interior of all debris and simultaneously vacuums everything into a canister. Upon completion, many homeowners have the … Continued

Lexie Says: Seal Your Air Ducts

Why Should I Seal My Air Ducts? The average home loses between 20-30% of the airflow in the duct system due to holes and leaks caused by poorly connected fittings. This results in higher utility bills and comfort issues in certain rooms or levels of your home. And no one likes leaky ducts. Over 90% … Continued

Ask Adam: Why My Rooms Different Temperatures?

Different Temperatures Most homes that have the greatest temperature discrepancies are two stories, Tri-Level, and Bi-Levels. The rooms might be different temperatures because of the air leaking out of ducts and issues with zoning. These contribute to different temperatures in each room. With a free home evaluation, we can find and address the issues. But … Continued

What Causes Poor Airflow in My Ductwork?

What Causes Poor Airflow in My Ductwork? Almost every home has an airflow problem in one room or section of the home. Most homeowners just live with poor airflow. Fortunately, we can fix airflow problems in the vast majority of homes with these issues. The most common reason for poor airflow is a duct system … Continued

Why Are My Ducts Leaking Air?

Ducts Leaking Air Most homeowners have probably noticed air leakage around their furnace and ductwork but just assumed that it was the norm. Unfortunately, this air loss can be anywhere from 20-35% or more. Any ducts leaking causes your furnace and air conditioner to run longer. This raises your utility costs and also creates uncomfortable … Continued

How does spring affect you?

How Does Spring Affect You? Now that spring has officially arrived, most of us are looking forward to warmer weather. Unfortunately, for many people, it is also the beginning of allergy and respiratory problems. We have no control of the outdoors but we can definitely control the indoors. With the proper equipment, we can eliminate … Continued

Duct Work Problems

What is wrong with my duct work? Design and Size of Equipment When it comes to home comfort, most people think about their heating and cooling equipment. It is true that today’s high-efficiency equipment can make a substantial difference in comfort. However, the crux of indoor comfort is almost exclusively tied to proper design and … Continued

Why should you have your duct system sealed?

Should I seal my duct system? Yes! It will save money on your gas and electric bills! NICOR, North Shore, and People’s Gas are all endorsing duct sealing. The utility companies know that duct sealing will save you money on your gas and electric bills. Having a duct system sealed is a sure way to … Continued