Did your basement sustain water damage?

Meteorologists are saying that we have already had more rain in the past 2 weeks than we normally have for the entire month. We can’t control the elements but we do have the resources to protect our homes. If your basement or crawl space is prone to water problems, then you should do the following: … Continued

The Ultimate Home Protection Plan

For decades we have installed various types of air cleaners for our customers. The primary reason was usually to improve indoor air quality for people with allergies. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the air we breathe can become life threatening. Fortunately, we have a 3 step program that can protect your indoor air quality from … Continued

What is the best air conditioner?

With the warm weather upon us, most homeowners are scheduling their annual maintenance inspection for their A/C units. However, there are many units out there that have problems and customers would like to upgrade to more efficient equipment. One of the most common questions we get is, “What is the best air conditioner unit to … Continued

Have you Scheduled your A/C Inspection?

Despite the chaotic times that we are now in, the weather is getting warmer and this is the ideal time to schedule your A/C maintenance inspection. Many homeowners had service issues from last year regarding their A/C units and need to get them resolved before it gets too hot. Most homeowners just want to make … Continued

How is the air quality in your home?

Most people probably never thought too much about their indoor air quality. Obviously people with allergies or respiratory issues were somewhat concerned. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic everyone is aware of air quality along with numerous other precautionary measures. With this prolonged in-home confinement you should consider having your duct system cleaned and sanitized. Most … Continued

Should Furnace Blower Motors Run Continuously?

For years we have been advising our customers of the benefits of keeping the blower motor on 24/7. The COVID-19 pandemic exponentially intensifies these benefits, provided that you have the proper air filtration products in place. In normal times the main benefit of continuous fan operation is to balance out more even temperatures throughout the … Continued

How Safe is your Dryer?

Based on statistics from national insurance companies and fire departments from across the country, dirty dryer vents account for the most house fires, far above any other single contributing factor. According to the U.S. Product Safety Commission, dryer vent fires account for: Over 15,000 house fires. Hundreds of injuries. Over $35 million in property damage. … Continued

What Can We Do?

The news media has done a great job at driving up the fear and anxiety of everyone across the country. We can only hope and pray that this pandemic gets resolved as quickly as possible and we can resume our lives. From an HVAC perspective there are several things that can help with indoor air … Continued

Can you Protect your Family from Viruses?

As everyone knows, the world is being threatened by a new virus called Coronavirus (COVID-19). There are no definitive answers as to its origin or ways that it is transmitted but there is something that all homeowners can do to at least protect your family at home. That is to install a U.V. (ultra violet … Continued

How Should you Buy HVAC Products?

Anyone living in a home long enough will eventually have to replace their heating and air conditioning equipment. Unfortunately, not all HVAC contractors are alike. Most contractors will sell new equipment as needed but they neglect to address the total home comfort issues. Every home has its own challenges when it comes to comfort (ie: … Continued