How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

Most people think an A/C system blows in cold air to cool down a home. Let’s examine the A/C process. A good analogy is to think of how an air cleaner works; taking air from within your home, removing particulates and recirculating that air, minus dust and particles. In much the same way, your A/C … Continued

How Does the New Energy Code Affect You?

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) dictates code requirements for new construction and remodeling. Individual states and local municipalities can add to these standards but cannot diminish them. The goal of these mandates is to conserve more energy but the net result is to have a safer and more comfortable home. For residential applications, the … Continued

Why Replace an Older but Still Working A/C System?

Most homeowners don’t think about replacing appliances unless they old on stops working. However, with the technological advancements over the last ten years, it makes a lot of sense to rethink that adage. Statistically, most HVAC equipment is replaced for the following reasons: Efficiency—Replacing a 10-15 year old A/C system can save up to 50% … Continued

In Memory of Those That Have Given Their All

For most of us, Memorial Day is the beginning of summer and all the fun activities that accompany it. Unfortunately, the reality of this day is the antithesis of festive gatherings. All of us at Official Heating & Cooling pay tribute to all of those who have sacrificed their lives so that the rest of … Continued

What is the Cost of A New A/C System?

This is analogous to asking a car dealer, “What is the price of a new car?” There are too many variables involved for a quick phone quote. For most people, a major investment like this is only made 2-3 times in a lifetime so it should be made for all the right reasons. Prices of … Continued

Why won’t my air conditioner start?

With the rising temperatures, most homeowners are getting ready to turn on their A/C units. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t start or they just don’t cool properly. There can be a variety of reasons why equipment problems occur and that is why we stress that annual maintenance be performed. Some of the most A/C service problems … Continued

Is Your Basement Ready For Spring Showers?

The next two months usually deluge us with a ton of water. Many homeowners worry about damage to their homes and personal property due to flooding. If your house has seepage issues during the rainy season then you should consult with a structural engineer. Fortunately, most basement water problems can be resolved with less drastic … Continued

Is Your A/C Unit Ready?

It sure looks like warmer weather is on its way. This is the perfect time to make sure your A/C system is in peak condition. By having your equipment properly maintained, it will perform to factory specs when needed. There are some units that needed repairs last year but were put off because it was … Continued

How is the Air Flow in your Home?

Almost every home has one room or one level that suffers comfort due to poor air flow. Most people just live with the problem because they are not aware of any solutions. Fortunately, we have the technology available that can resolve most of these comfort related problems in the vast majority of cases. There are … Continued

Spring is Upon Us

For many people, spring is the beginning of the allergy season. Many of the contributing factors of allergies and respiratory problems are beyond our control. However, when it comes to I.A.Q. (Indoor Air Quality) we can definitely control and condition the air quality within our homes. Hopefully, no one would live in a home without … Continued