Carrier Cor Thermostat – Energy Star

ENERGY STAR products have saved $362 billion dollars on utility bills and have reduced 2.5 billion tons of greenhouse gases since 1992. You can be a part of that saving too.

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ENERGY STAR saves money and protects our climate through superior energy efficiency. Are you looking to save energy and money with HVAC products? Look no further than the Carrier Cor thermostat.

Carrier Cor

The Carrier Cor thermostat joins a very short list of products to meet the stringent requirements to have the label of an ENERGY STAR Certified Smart Thermostat.

For the average American household, almost half the annual energy bill goes to heating and cooling. Tha number? More than $900 a year! With the Carrier Cor thermostat, you can use Touch-N-Go®, which is a quick setting change feature, humidity sensor, and works with Amazon’s Alexa.

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Already have a Carrier heat pump and a furnace? They can come together as a Hybrid Heat® system to save you even more money!

Being smart about how you control your temperature settings will help you save money and be comfortable in your home. A smart thermostat is a Wi-Fi enabled device that automatically adjusts heating and cooling temperature settings for optimal performance. Only after actual field data can heating and cooling products be certified as ENERGY STAR products. An independent certifier decides on the ENERGY STAR rating.

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