How to Survive Extreme Hot Weather

Most air conditioners do a good job keeping us comfortable on average summer days. But when hot weather starts to appear, the temperature hits in the mid 90’or higher, then all normal design conditions become moot. *Hot Weather Warning* A/C units are sized based on the heat gain of the house. But this load varies based … Continued

How to Protect Your Basement

Wondering How to Protect Your Basement? With the recent rains that we have had, many homeowners worry about water damage caused by flooding. If your house has structural problems that cause seepage then you have to consult with an engineer. But most water-related problems in basements can be resolved with more reasonable measures. The most … Continued

Have You Checked Your Humidifier?

Now that we are finally getting a reprieve from the cold weather, most homeowners are turning their attention to their A/C units. One important thing that should bed one at this time is to shut off the humidifier and thoroughly clean it. We can certainly perform this service while doing your spring A/C check and cleaning. … Continued

It’s Official! Spring is Here!

Don’t believe what you see (snow), just look at the calendar. Spring has arrived. The weather forecast is predicting a 70-degree weekend. It is time to think about your A/C system and some preventive measures. This is the ideal time to schedule your annual A/C maintenance inspection. Many homeowners had service issues from last year … Continued

HVAC Equipment and Its Efficiency

Typically, the furnace and A/C are appliances that most homes have.They are in the basement and the side or backyard. For the average homeowner, they are out of sight and are only thought of when there is a problem. A visual inspection of the equipment cannot tell you the efficiency level but only a “guesstimate.” Ratings … Continued

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

A family of four from Iowa all died while on vacation in Tulum, Mexico.The parents and their two children all succumbed to fumes(carbon monoxide)from a water heater in their condo. Over the years I have written several articles about the dangers of this gas. It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless but highly toxic to humans and … Continued

Do You Know The Efficiency of Your Equipment?

Most homeowners that have lived in their homes for a number of years probably have no idea how efficient their furnace or A/C units are. It is impossible to determine the efficiency level by merely looking at the equipment. Even the model number can’t tell you how that unit is performing in your home. Manufacturers … Continued

Have You Taken Your Federal Energy Tax Credit?

It’s tax season and we know you are looking for ways to get the most out of your taxes. Take advantage of the federal tax credit available to qualifying equipment purchases! If you purchased a high efficient furnace or A/C system in 2017 you may be able to get a $500 tax credit. Qualifying equipment … Continued

What’s the Difference Between Duct Cleaning & Duct Sealing?

If you came here, it was to learn about the difference of both duct services! Duct Cleaning As the name implies, duct cleaning is done via a mechanical device that is inserted into each duct and scrubs the interior of all debris and simultaneously vacuums everything into a canister. Upon completion, many homeowners have the … Continued

How Have Furnaces Changed Over Time?

From the 1950’s through the 70’s, most furnaces were designed to just heat the house, cooling was the exception. Therefore, all furnaces had belt drive motors and standing pilot lights. The net result was a super quiet air delivery system. But everything changed when the government started to mandate higher efficiency ratings. So in the … Continued