How Much Air is Your Ductwork Losing?

Most homeowners only think about their furnace or A/C if there is a mechanical failure. As long as the equipment heats or cools the house, everything is okay. Unfortunately, there are many other issues going on that could affect the safety, longevity and efficiency of the equipment. One of the biggest problems that most homes … Continued

How Should Your Furnace Operate?

I recently spoke with a customer who stated that his furnace was running but the temperature in the house was dropping. He said his thermostat was set at 70°F but the room temperature was 63°F. It was obvious that there was a problem with the heating cycle even though his blower was running. The sequence … Continued

What is New at Official?

Carrier Corporation has just announced that Official Heating & Cooling is the recipient of their highest award, the “President’s Award”. Only 2% of all Carrier dealers nationwide receive this honor. This will be the third time in four years that we have won this award. There are numerous metrics used in determining the winners, but … Continued

Cold Weather Tips

Most of us are used to winter temperatures but when they reach-10 to-30 F, as the forecasts are predicted for this week, then all bets are off. I remember back in the mid 80’s when we had -30 F and many furnaces could not heat the homes up to the desired temperatures. Our geographic area calls for … Continued

How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

When the furnace or HVAC fails, you notice. You could do some preventative care on your furnace in Chicagoland, but you might need to buy a new unit. If your best option is to install a new furnace, consider these important factors before purchase. Finding the Best Furnace in Northern Illinois You’ll initially want to think … Continued

Can You Have Too Much Humidity?

Everyone should know the benefits of having the proper levels of humidity in your home during the heating season. But like so many things in life, sometimes a good thing can turn into a potential problem. Ideally, the humidity level in your home should be in the 35-40% range. The balancing act begins when the … Continued

Does your home have enough humidity?

During the fall and winter months, your furnace dries out the air in the house which can result in creating many potential problems. Because warm air can hold more moisture than cold air, it will absorb whatever moisture it can. Eventually, the home becomes too dry and you may experience some of the following: Dry … Continued

New type of Furnace, Hybrid Heat Systems

The Advantages of a Hybrid Heating System For most of our lifetimes, the only way to heat a home has been with some sort of fuel-burning furnace. Whether it is coal, fuel oil, natural gas, or propane, it is still a matter of igniting fuel in order to generate heat. Some fuels burn cleaner than … Continued

How Safe is Your Family?

Every year, during the heating season, there are numerous stories about people who died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Over the years I have written articles about the dangers of this gas. It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless but highly toxic to humans and pets. Unfortunately, most homes do not have proper protection from this deadly gas. … Continued