The Anatomy of a Furnace

Most homeowners take for granted that their furnace will keep them comfortable during the winter months. Unless there is a problem, most people don’t pay a lot of attention to the operational aspects of their furnace. The following list gives you a basic understanding of the components that are in a typical furnace: Inducer Motor … Continued

Five Common HVAC Myths

When it comes to HVAC systems and services, you will find that there are many contradictory opinions on what you should and shouldn’t do. You’ve probably heard so many different things that you aren’t sure what is fact and what is fiction. Let’s take a look at five common myths concerning HVAC services. This way, … Continued

What Can Cause a Noisy Furnace?

If your furnace is in the basement, then any minor noises may go unnoticed. But if the furnace is in the living area then every noise will be heard. Typically, furnace noise issues fall into two categories; duct related or mechanical. The vast majority of noise issues are duct related. Unfortunately, most duct systems are … Continued

A Time To Be Thankful

As this year is winding down, all of us at Official Heating & Cooling wish to say thank you to all of our employees and customers for making this another record year. Our continued growth is a reflection of our customers’ satisfaction with our services, and to that end we strive to earn your loyalty … Continued

How Comfortable is Your House?

There are very few homes that have even comfort in all rooms. The style of the house plays a crucial role: U-shaped ranches, tri-level and two story homes all have issues with certain rooms or levels when it comes to heating and cooling. There are several primary causes for these problems: Equipment is oversized. No … Continued

The Dangers of Heating Fires and How to Prevent Them

As the colder months approach, it’s tempting to do all you can to heat up your home and banish that cold outside to where it belongs. However, there are some dangers that come along with this. If you haven’t kept up on your HVAC maintenance, then you run the risk of a fire starting. To … Continued

How Big is Your Furnace?

The old adage that bigger is better does not apply to HVAC equipment. Unfortunately, too many homes have over-sized furnaces. A furnace that is too big will short cycle. It only runs for short periods and then shuts down. This creates an On/Off cycle that becomes the norm. The problem with this is that the … Continued

What is Your Furnace’s AFUE?

With the drop in daily temperatures, fall is officially here. It is time to do a safety inspection and preventative maintenance on your heating equipment. If your equipment is over 10 years old, you should be asking yourself just how efficient it is. The rating system for determining the efficiency of heating equipment is the … Continued

Why Seal Your Ductwork?

NICOR, North Shore and Peoples Gas all endorse duct sealing. The utility companies know that 20-35% or more of the air flow in your ductwork is lost due to leakage. This results in higher utility bills and comfort issues throughout the house. If you have uncomfortable rooms or areas within your home, duct leakage is … Continued

Not Replacing Your Existing Air Filter

Not Replacing Your Existing Air Filter: The Negative Results It’s always wise to do anything and everything you can to keep your home functional, fresh and pleasant for everyone. If you want to revel in a clean and healthy indoor environment, then you need to put a lot of time into maintaining strong air quality. … Continued