Where is Your Thermostat Located?

It seems that during the heating season we receive more inquiries about thermostat location than any other time of the year. The larger the home, the more difficult it is to have a uniform temperature with one thermostat. For most homes, the ideal location for a thermostat is a hallway. This tends to give the most … Continued

Are You Ready for the Heating Season?

Now that fall has arrived everyone has had their furnaces on to at least remove that morning chill. Welcome to the beginnings of the heating season! Hopefully, most of us have had a safety inspection and cleaning to ensure a trouble-free season. While furnaces do a great job in heating our homes they, unfortunately, dry out the … Continued

What Kind of Motor Does Your Furnace Have?

Before air conditioning was so popular and common as it is today, furnaces had a designed strictly for heating. Those units had single speed belt driven motors. They were great for heating but not ideal for cooling. As central cooling systems became more affordable, their popularity soared. Equipment manufacturers responded with direct drive multispeed motors … Continued

Why BTU’s?

This is an acronym that almost everyone has heard but very few actually know what it means. A British Thermal Unit is a traditional unit of heat. One BTU is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. Its counterpart in the metric system is … Continued

How Comfortable is Your Home?

Most homes have a temperature variance between rooms or different levels. The most problematic are multi-level, 2 story or U-shaped ranches. There are many reasons for this but it all boils down to the fact that one thermostat can’t regulate uniform temperatures throughout the house. How do you make a comfortable home?   We specialize … Continued

Our Summer Savings Special

If you’re looking to get a new HVAC system or to upgrade your current one, now is the time. Take advantage of our summer savings special! Factory Incentives Utility Rebates Combination Discounts Up to 40% Energy Savings (vs old equipment) Summer Savings Make sure to mention any of these coupons when calling!

What is A/C Refrigerant?

2 Types of A/C Refrigerant Freon (R-22) For over 50 years, older models used Freon as an A/C refrigerant. In just 2 years this refrigerant will no longer be imported or produced. Puron (R410-A) Puron is more environmentally friendly. All new A/C systems use R410-A since R-22 (or Freon) is no longer. All forms of … Continued

How Much Air Loss in Your Duct System?

Most homeowners that have forced air heating and cooling only think about their HVAC system if there is a problem. Typically it would be a no heat or no cooling situation. Unfortunately, most duct systems leak like a sieve and that is a big problem in terms of comfort and wasted resources. If you had … Continued

Does Your Home Have Too Much Humidity?

If you have wooden floors in your kitchen and the felt pads on your chairs are not sliding easily like they usually do, then you know the humidity level is too high. With the recent rains and the absence of any significant sunny days, the net result is a quick rise in the relative humidity. … Continued

How to Survive Extreme Hot Weather

Most air conditioners do a good job keeping us comfortable on average summer days. But when hot weather starts to appear, the temperature hits in the mid 90’or higher, then all normal design conditions become moot. *Hot Weather Warning* A/C units are sized based on the heat gain of the house. But this load varies based … Continued