Is your home comfortable?

During normal temperatures most of our homes are pretty comfortable. But when the temperatures dip into the negative range then your comfort level can definitely be affected. In some homes you may not be able to maintain your normal thermostat setting when the outside temperatures are sub-zero. May of the older homes lack proper insulation … Continued

Do you have a programmable thermostat?

A majority of homeowners have programmable thermostats because they save energy on your heating and cooling bills and they are convenient. During the heating season, most people lower the temperature at night for sleeping and during the day when at work. If the outside temperatures are in the 20-30° F range then everything runs smoothly. … Continued

Can the snow shut down your furnace?

Prior to 1982 all furnaces were vented with a metal flue pipe that either ran into a brick chimney or was directly terminated via the roof. The weather never effected this traditional type venting system. Check Your Furnace Venting In 1982, Lennox was the first manufacturer that changed everything in terms of venting your furnace. … Continued

What are the benefits of duct cleaning?

According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is now listed as one of the top environmental threats to your health. Your duct system is the culprit in accumulating and distributing airborne contaminants throughout your home. These pollutants include dust mites, mold, tobacco, smoke, allergens, and animal dander. NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) states that … Continued

2 Reasons Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air (And How to Fix Them)

No one likes it if their furnace is blowing cold air when it should be producing heat. Most people start to stress at the mention of phrases like “furnace troubleshooting” and “heating repair.” That is normal, but before panicking, here are two common tips to help with furnace repair. 1. Look at the quality of … Continued

Are your ducts airtight?

Most homeowners have probably noticed air leakage around their furnace and ductwork, but just assumed that it was normal. Unfortunately, this air loss can be anywhere from 25-35% of the system’s capacity. Any air leakage requires a longer run time for the equipment. This wastes resources and creates uncomfortable rooms. Within the last few years, … Continued

What are the current ASHRAE standards?

Fortunately most of the furnaces and air conditioners in our homes keep us comfortable throughout the year. But occasionally, we encounter a weather anomaly that throws everything out of kilter. ASHRAE Standards Design Temperature ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) standards are based on a 99% design temperature. This means that … Continued

Is your furnace heating properly?

Most homeowners think that as long as their thermostats reach the desired setting, then the furnace is working properly. In theory, that is correct but it doesn’t always mean that the furnace is performing to factory specifications. A regular safety inspection/cleaning is the only way to ascertain the operational condition of the furnace. Furnace Temperature … Continued

Are you always cold in the winter?

There are many people that we service that always seem to be cold during the winter months. Obviously, when it reaches -10 or -15°F it is almost impossible to stay comfortable while being outside. Our challenge is in dealing with “feeling cold” while being in a heated space. That could be your home, car or … Continued

How often does your furnace run?

Now that we are in the heating season, various furnace related issues always arise. One of the most common problems that we encounter is that the furnace cycles too often. It will run for a short time, shut off, and several minutes later it will start again. Short Cycling There are several factors that can … Continued