Preparing Your A/C for Spring

Staying in a comfortable environment starts by ensuring your air conditioner is functional. With spring in full swing, you want to ensure your HVAC remains functional to avoid inconveniences. Some homeowners in Illinois may continue buying time just because some days it still feels like winter. However, it’d be best to prepare for spring earlier … Continued

Why you should have your A/C Unit Cleaned & Inspected

Too many homeowners believe that if the A/C works then you don’t have to do anything. Unfortunately, this can be a costly mistake. Regular preventative maintenance will maximize efficiency and minimize potential problems if caught early. The following list represents some of the most common problems that we encounter. Common A/C Issues Damaged Wiring – … Continued

It is spring clean up time!

With the warming temperatures, many homeowners are busy with spring cleaning projects around the house. This is also a perfect time to clean your dryer vent. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), plugged or dirty dryer vents account for the most house fires in the country. Dryer Vent Fire Hazards and Warning Signs … Continued

How has energy conservation affected new construction?

In a continuous effort to maximize energy savings in new homes, various code changes have taken place. Codes vary throughout the country based on different climate zones, but conceptually the net effort is to conserve energy. Energy Conservation Requirements In Illinois, all new homes have to adhere to the following requirements: Ice and Water Shield … Continued

Do spring allergies affect you?

As most of us look forward to the warmer weather, many others dread it because it negatively affects their health. Spring allergies are inevitable for those affected, but unfortunately we can’t control the outdoors. However, we can control the indoor environment. With the proper equipment we can eliminate most indoor air irritants, mold and humidity … Continued

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is an essential element that keeps your household comfortable while at home. Dirt accumulation in the home can cause allergies and other infections that can cause serious health complications, and you may end up spending more money on medication. Fortunately, you can prevent such occurrences by maintaining good indoor air quality. Below … Continued

Do you know the efficiency of your equipment?

Most homeowners that have lived in their homes for a number of years probably have no idea how efficient their furnace or A/C units are. It is impossible to determine the efficiency level by merely looking at the equipment. Even the model number can’t tell you how that unit is performing in your home. HVAC … Continued

Is your furnace noisy?

If your home is being heated with a boiler then you probably don’t even know when it is running. Hydronic heating is definitely the quietest heating system (with the exception of electric baseboard). However, if you have a forced air heating system, then various noises will be present. There are basically three categories of furnace … Continued

How comfortable is your garage?

If your garage is not insulated, then you can expect the temperature to be pretty close to whatever the outside temperature is. A lot of guys like to have a workshop in their garage or they just like to work on their cars. But with sub-zero conditions no one is interested in spending any time … Continued

Why is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Depending on the type of furnace in your home, it’s normal for a small amount of water to show up occasionally. That’s because some furnaces produce water, but never in large quantities. If you ever notice a sizeable amount of water, it’s best to troubleshoot and find that leak right away. Water damage can wreak … Continued