How is the Humidity in your Home?

During the summer months the outside humidity can reach 70-80% or higher. This is what makes us feel so uncomfortable. When we run our A/C units two things change in the home. The first thing most people look for is a drop in indoor temperature. The most important thing that should occur is a drop … Continued

What’s New at Official Heating & Cooling?

In our endeavor to better serve our customers we have made several acquisitions over the last few years to increase our customer base and be able to service a larger area. Not only have we increased our geographic area but we have added some of the most talented N.A.T.E. certified technicians in the industry. Our … Continued

How Are Air Conditioners Rated?

Almost everything we buy today has some kind of energy rating. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) is the acronym for the HVAC industry in rating the efficiency of air conditioners. This is analogous to miles per gallon for the automotive industry. Years ago, the required seer rating was 8, then it went to 10 and … Continued

Why Does My Basement Have a Musty Smell?

Many homeowners spend a lot of money in finishing their basement or lower level only to find out that the area is uncomfortable, especially on hot humid days. Any living space below ground level has potential problems, but in the summer, humidity is the worst. Excess humidity can cause mold growth, increase dust mites, ruin … Continued

A/C Blowing Hot? Check the Coils

Your air conditioning is intended to keep your home cool so you can avoid the warm temperatures outside, yet you have spent the last couple of weeks staring at the thermostat trying to determine why your home is not a relaxing and comfortable escape. Chances are that the problem is not the thermostat or open … Continued

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

Most people think an A/C system blows in cold air to cool down a home. Let’s examine the A/C process. A good analogy is to think of how an air cleaner works; taking air from within your home, removing particulates and recirculating that air, minus dust and particles. In much the same way, your A/C … Continued

How Does the New Energy Code Affect You?

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) dictates code requirements for new construction and remodeling. Individual states and local municipalities can add to these standards but cannot diminish them. The goal of these mandates is to conserve more energy but the net result is to have a safer and more comfortable home. For residential applications, the … Continued

Why Replace an Older but Still Working A/C System?

Most homeowners don’t think about replacing appliances unless they old on stops working. However, with the technological advancements over the last ten years, it makes a lot of sense to rethink that adage. Statistically, most HVAC equipment is replaced for the following reasons: Efficiency—Replacing a 10-15 year old A/C system can save up to 50% … Continued

In Memory of Those That Have Given Their All

For most of us, Memorial Day is the beginning of summer and all the fun activities that accompany it. Unfortunately, the reality of this day is the antithesis of festive gatherings. All of us at Official Heating & Cooling pay tribute to all of those who have sacrificed their lives so that the rest of … Continued

What is the Cost of A New A/C System?

This is analogous to asking a car dealer, “What is the price of a new car?” There are too many variables involved for a quick phone quote. For most people, a major investment like this is only made 2-3 times in a lifetime so it should be made for all the right reasons. Prices of … Continued