How clean is the air in your home?

According to the EPA, the indoor air can be 2-5 times worse than the outside air. Dust, dander, mildew, mold, allergens, bacteria, off gassing, etc. are all trapped in your home. The only way to eliminate most of these pollutants is with ventilation and filtration. The two most effective ways to maximize your indoor air … Continued

Does Your Furnace Have Poor Airflow?

With the Fall weather upon us, most of us have had to turn on our furnaces to remove that morning chill. But because the outside temperatures are not extreme, the furnace doesn’t have to run too long before satisfying the thermostat. Obviously, the room with the thermostat will be comfortable but some of the outlying … Continued

Are you ready for the heating season?

Now that fall has arrived everyone has had their furnace on to at least remove that morning chill. Hopefully, most of us have had a safety inspection and cleaning to ensure a trouble-free season. Benefits of a Humidifier Furnaces do a great job in heating our homes and keeping us comfortable. Unfortunately, furnaces dry out … Continued

When Should You Replace Your Furnace?

Now that the heating season is upon us, many homeowners with older furnaces ponder this question. The old adage of not replacing anything if it still works is still believed by many. Statistically, the vast majority of furnaces are replaced even though the old ones are still functioning. Upgrading Your Furnace The most common reasons … Continued

Is Your Furnace Ready?

Fall is upon us and this is a perfect time to make sure your furnace is safe to operate for the upcoming heating season. Safety inspections are not only recommended by all the manufacturers, but they should also be considered from the standpoint of maximizing the efficiency and safety of the equipment. This has been … Continued

How to Clean Indoor Air of Viruses and Pollutants

With so many allergens, viruses, and bacteria floating around, it is important that we keep the air in our homes healthy. An air purifier does just that, purifies the air in our homes. Poor indoor air quality can cause us to sneeze from allergies and get more colds and flu. Indoor Air Pollution Indoor air … Continued

Does your home have vaulted ceilings?

Many of the newer homes have one or multiple rooms that have cathedral or vaulted ceilings. They make rooms appear bigger because of the extra volume. Aesthetically they really enhance a room but from a comfort level they can be challenging. With the cold weather upon us, many of our customers complain about heating these … Continued

Does your home have a humidifier?

Now that we are entering the heating season, proper humidity is one of the most important aspects of indoor comfort. During the heating season, humidity protects the home and its furnishings from the harmful effects of dry air. Doctors recommend it to protect against dry skin, hair, nasal membranes and scratchy throats. It also reduces … Continued

What does a furnace inspection consist of?

All HVAC manufacturers require annual inspections of their equipment to validate their warranty. Most homeowners know the importance of preventative maintenance but very few actually know what that process entails. The old way of inspecting furnaces Year ago, furnaces had cast iron heat exchangers and burners. During the heating cycle the constant expansion and contraction … Continued

Dealing with Bad AC Capacitors

When a summer heat wave hits Illinois, there’s nothing worse than turning on the AC and getting no cold air. A number of problems could be in play, so it’s important to know what you are dealing with. In this situation, a bad AC capacitor is often to blame. Here is how to diagnose and … Continued