What is an ERV?

Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) is a mechanical means of introducing fresh outside air and removing stale inside air. An ERV provides the benefits of improved indoor air quality and also meets ASHRAE standards for new construction. Back in the 1980’s when we had our major energy crisis, builders tightened up new homes which eliminated most … Continued

How is your furnace filter?

One of the most common problems that we encounter on service calls is dirty filters. Many homeowners are very diligent at inspecting and replacing dirty filters but unfortunately too many are not. Typically, furnaces that are located in the basement or utility room are serviced more regularly than those in a crawl space or attic. … Continued

26 SEER Air Conditioner

The basic A/C that most people have in their homes is rated at 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). Carrier has a 26 SEER unit that is the most efficient, most comfortable, and quietest unit on the market. The unit is designed to run longer at a lower capacity, using less energy, while maximizing dehumidification. … Continued

Should your crawl space be vented?

Almost every home that has a crawl space has several vents that are supposed to ventilate the area. The thinking used to be that in the summer the vents are open and in the winter they are closed. Unfortunately, this practice has been proven to be a disaster for your home and your I.A.Q. (Indoor … Continued

Perfect Time to Schedule A/C Inspection

Now that the heatwave has subsided, it is an excellent time to schedule your annual A/C maintenance and inspection. When the temps are in the 90’s, most companies are swamped with no cooling calls. All the equipment has been working to the max to keep us comfortable. A/C Maintenance Inspection A thorough maintenance inspection will … Continued

Is your A/C sized properly?

Most people think that a central A/C system should cool the house in a similar way that your car cools you; you turn it on and almost instantly you have ice cold air. Unfortunately, central A/C systems are not designed to cool the house instantly. If they did, then you would have a very cold, … Continued

What is the ideal indoor humidity level?

The recommended level should be in the 35-50% range. If your A/C system is sized properly, you should be able to fall into that level. If your system is oversized, then you may not get below 60% which means your house feels cold and clammy. Dehumidifiers If your home has a high humidity level even … Continued

What is a Mini Split?

Most homeowners are very familiar with central air conditioners and furnaces because practically every home has one. But in the rest of the world most people are familiar wiht mini splits. These are heating and cooling units that usually are ductless. Their main advantage is that they allow you to control the temperature in each … Continued

6 Ways to Prevent AC Failure

Air conditioning systems play such a huge role that a simple failure could render our homes inhabitable. Your air conditioning system is vital in summer to keep your house cool and in winter to keep your house warm. Like any other system, air conditioning needs systematic maintenance through regular checks and repair works. Failure to … Continued

Do your ducts have condensation?

With this heat wave, we have received numerous calls regarding condensation on the ducts. The location of the ducts in many cases will dictate the solution. As an example, if your ducts are in an attic, you must have them properly insulated. But the vast majority of homes will have the ducts in the basement … Continued