Ask Adam: What is Zoning?

When talking about HVAC you may have heard the term zoning. And you may not have had an idea what that meant. Until now!

What is Zoning?

First, let’s break down what a zone is or zones are.


Zones are simply different areas of your home, each controlled by separate thermostats. Although creating different zones requires more than just having a number of thermostats. A zone is created by adding a zone controller and several duct dampers. Zones are made because, in older homes, if you had a temperature imbalance or wanted only heat or cold air in certain rooms, a second zone needed to be installed.

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A zone controller also controls the duct dampers. Duct dampers are baffles controlled by electric motors that permit or block airflow inside the ductwork. Installing dampers requires tearing open your vent system because they go inside of the vents instead of the supply vents. That’s a lot of work, not to mention the repainting and patching that has to be done afterward. But in most cases, there is no need for new equipment or doing any damage to your interior walls.

Remember, this is only to control temperatures in certain rooms. If you’re feeling too hot or too cold, zoning helps. If you have two floors or large windows in certain rooms, zoning can alleviate the temperature discrepancies.

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