Ask Adam: What Is Wrong with My Ductwork?

Heating and cooling equipment is important to maintain a comfortable home. With today’s high-efficiency equipment, it’s easier to maintain comfort. But to achieve any comfort it requires proper design and installation. This is especially true with your home’s ductwork. The design needs to fit your home properly and the installation process must meet all requirements. It also requires upkeep, that can be done by servicing a cleaning today.


When it comes to the installation of ductwork, most builders don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for function. Ductwork is known to be bulky and it consumes a rather large area. What happens is that the ductwork used is smaller than it should be, the soffits and chases are also smaller. The result is poor airflow, uncomfortable rooms, and excessive noise.

For most cases, we at Official Heating & Cooling can perform modifications to fix these problems.

The three most common and effective solutions:

  1. When possible, install radius fittings on the supply and return ducts to reduce static pressure and noise
  2. Use Aeroseal to seal all the air leaks in the ductwork and improve overall comfort
  3. Install additional cold air returns to reduce noise, decrease static and improve comfort

Also schedule a cleaning with our Rotobrush, the best and most complete method of duct cleaning on the market today. By cleaning your ducts, it improves the efficiency of your system resulting in a longer operating life, as well as energy and maintenance cost savings. Speaking of cost savings, looking for heating and cooling specials? Click here for HVAC specials!

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