Ask Adam: It Is Time to Think Spring!

Snow has melted, the days are longer, and the temperature is rising…

It’s time to think spring! I know it might not seem like it with the 60-degree weather we had in February, but it’s officially here! That means that warmer weather is on the way and you’ll start using your air conditioner to keep cool. You have to remember to have your A/Cs cleaned and safety inspected before they are needed!

If you had performance issues late last season and got them fixed, congratulations! You’re a step ahead of the game. If you forgot or decided to wait due to the incoming winter, we’re reminding you today before it gets too hot. But whether you got the issues fixed or forgot, it’s good practice to have your A/C units checked to make sure you have a trouble free summer.

think spring - air conditioning repairs elgin

Think spring and think preventative maintenance:

  • New equipment – to maintain factory warranty, maintenance is needed.
  • Unclean equipment diminishes efficiency. It is also a building site for fungi, pollen, and bacteria!
  • The charge is not up to factory specifications. Low charge means you are not receiving the coldest air possible in your home.
  • Lack of maintenance will reduce the lifespan of the equipment. Keep it running longer and better with consistent maintenance.

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Spring allergies have you sneezing? We have air cleaners! Our services also include duct cleaning for even cleaner home air!