Ask Adam: “How Should I Buy HVAC Products?” By Thinking About Comfort!

How Should I Buy HVAC Products?

Anyone living in a home long enough will eventually have to replace their heating and air conditioning equipment. Unfortunately, not all HVAC contractors are alike. Most contractors will sell new equipment as needed but they neglect to address the total home comfort issues. Every home has its own challenges when it comes to comfort (style of home, duct layout, usage pattern, etc.) Simply replacing a furnace or A/C never addresses these issues.

What every homeowner should be looking for is a contractor that focuses on the entire house envelope opposed to a single piece of equipment. Our focus is maximizing how comfortable you are in your home.

To achieve this goal we do the following:

  • Manual J Load calculation to determine the proper size equipment.
  • Offer Aeroseal to increase comfort due to duct leakage (92-99% effective)
  • Do duct modifications as needed to improve airflow & reduce static pressure.
  • Offer zoning to achieve guaranteed temperatures for 2nd floors & additions.
  • Keep you comfortable during the winter months, by offering humidifiers.
  • Offer dehumidifiers for summer comfort in homes with basements and crawl spaces.
  • For year-round comfort and if you have allergies or respiratory issues, we offer air cleaners.
  • Offer ultraviolet units that destroy mold, mildew, and bacteria that might be present in ductwork.
  • Offer leak detectors that notify your phone if there is a water leak or failed sump pump.

Upgrading your furnace and A/C will definitely reduce the utility bills. But adding some or all of the other items that I have listed will give you a comfort level that is not obtainable by just replacing a “box.”

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