Ask Adam: How Comfortable Is Your Basement?

How important is your comfort?

Every homeowner knows that as the weather gets warmer, the humidity and musty odors return in the basement and crawl spaces. Many owners have purchased portable dehumidifiers to try and resolve this problem. However, most of these units are not designed for large areas. Also, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled on 5.6 million dehumidifiers made by overseas manufacturers Gree and Midea, which are sold under various names. Many of these units have reportedly caught fire resulting in over 23 million dollars of property damage.

We are offering a free 3 day trial for a professional grade, U.S. made, whole house dehumidifier. This unit will remove up to 95 pints of water in a 24 hour period. We can duct it into the whole house duct system or just let it run independently.

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If you have a finished basement then this unit is the most important item to have. It will remove unpleasant odors and prevent mold and mildew from ruining your furniture and walls. If any family members suffer from allergies, then connecting this unit to the duct system will improve the overall air quality in the entire home.

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