Ask Adam: Is My A/C System Removing Enough Humidity?

Does My A/C Remove Humidity?

Whenever your A/C system is running, most homeowners just focus on the thermostat and if it reaches the set point then everything is O.K. Traditionally, the focus has always been on satisfying the thermostat. Even though that is a critical indicator it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are comfortable.

In the southwestern states, the ability to drop the temperature is paramount. However, in our area as well as in the southern states, humidity is the key factor. A lower humidity level is more important than a lower temperature. Unfortunately, most people have been wrongly conditioned into believing that the A/C unit should be able to drop the temperature as quickly as your car’s A/C unit. This belief has led to many A/C units being oversized. These units drop temperature very quickly and shut off without ever achieving proper dehumidification.

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Humidity Level

The ideal summer humidity level should be in the 35-45% range. For existing A/C units the addition of a whole house dehumidifier will do the trick. If you are upgrading your system, then make sure to buy a unit that delivers five levels of cooling (like having 5 different sizes A/C units in one cabinet). The net result is to maximize moisture removal without overcooling.

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