Are you ready for the heating season?

Now that fall has arrived everyone has had their furnace on to at least remove that morning chill. Hopefully, most of us have had a safety inspection and cleaning to ensure a trouble-free season.

Benefits of a Humidifier

Furnaces do a great job in heating our homes and keeping us comfortable. Unfortunately, furnaces dry out the air in the house, which can create many other problems. Doctors recommend humidifiers to protect against dry skin, hair, nasal membranes and scratchy throats. They also reduce static electricity; shocks that you get when touching people, pets and objects.

Equipment Inspection

Humidifiers are a great accessory to any forced air heating system. However, due to the various water sources (private wells and various municipal wells) you have to inspect your equipment and drain lines on a regular basis. Because of mineral and sediment content in our wells, many homeowners will have water overflow from the drain line or humidifier. The impurities in the water will plug up your equipment or drain lines if they are not maintained or inspected. We have many customers who have to replace the pad in the humidifier twice in the heating season due to scale buildup.

We recommend that all of our customers purchase a leak detection device and place it on the floor in the utility room or basement next to the furnace. If any water is detected on the floor, an alarm will sound off and your phone will be alerted.

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