Are You Ready for the Heating Season?

Now that fall has arrived everyone has had their furnaces on to at least remove that morning chill. Welcome to the beginnings of the heating season! Hopefully, most of us have had a safety inspection and cleaning to ensure a trouble-free season.

While furnaces do a great job in heating our homes they, unfortunately, dry out the air. The solution is to install a humidifier. Humidity protects all wood products in the home from shrinking and provides numerous benefits to us. Doctors recommend humidifiers to protect against dry skin, hair, nasal membranes and scratchy throats. They also reduce static electricity; shocks that you get when touching people, pets or objects.

For whole house humidifiers there are basically two types:

  • Evaporative
  • Steam

Evaporative are the most common and they are either free standing or duct mounted. The free standing is usually used if the home is heated with a boiler or electric baseboard. Homes that are heated with forced air need the duct mounted type. These units come in different sizes which can accommodate any size home. They have the capacity to deliver up to 18 gallons of water per day.

Steam humidifiers are the most effective because they maximize the moisture output. For every gallon of water, they generate 1 gallon of humidity. If specific humidity requirements are needed (piano or expensive oil paintings) then steam is the optimum choice. We service and install Carrier humidifiers.

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