A/C Blowing Hot? Check the Coils

Your air conditioning is intended to keep your home cool so you can avoid the warm temperatures outside, yet you have spent the last couple of weeks staring at the thermostat trying to determine why your home is not a relaxing and comfortable escape. Chances are that the problem is not the thermostat or open windows, but your coils.

A/C Blowing Hot - Check the Coils

The Role of Coils in Keeping Cool

Modern air conditioning systems use heat exchange to draw in outdoor air, remove the heat and deliver cool, refreshing air throughout your home. The primary mechanism by which the heat extraction occurs is the coils. There are two coils in your AC Unit – evaporator and condenser. Evaporator coils are part of the unit inside your home and remove heat and humidity. Condenser coils are part of the outdoor unit and help to remove the warm air from inside your home. In a healthy air conditioning system, these two coils work in unison to keep the indoor temperatures nice and cool.

Why Coils Stop Working Efficiently

Like other types of equipment that are tucked away indoors or exposed to the elements, the coils of your air conditioner are vulnerable to debris, dirt, leaves and even the occasional pest. Over time, the surface of the coils get covered, and the heat exchange is not as effective. Your home stays at a less-than-optimum temperature because:

  • Humidity and heat is not removed from outdoor air
  • Warm air is not removed from your home

How much is too much build up on your coils? Not much. Even a thin layer of dust and dirt that is only 1/100th of an inch will have a significant effect on how well your AC keeps you cool. Making the situation even worse, your electric bill skyrockets because the unit is working harder. If the problem continues long enough, your AC may start to break down, and you will be replacing parts in no time.

Professional Coil Cleaning Saves You Time, Money and Heartache

As part of your annual A/C maintenance, the coils should be professionally cleaned. This gets you ready for the summer, and you can relax with confidence knowing that your A/C is ready to go. Best of all, the money you save on A/C repairs and electricity can be used for more interesting and fun summer activities.