Ask Adam: Nest Stat and Nest Protect

Nest Thermostat Programs itself? Yes. Then pays for itself? Absolutely. The Nest Thermostat automatically adapts as your life and the seasons change. All it takes is one week of use and it programs itself! The little leaf icon? The Leaf learns how to help you save money, so it appears at different temperatures for different households. Remember, … Continued

2017 Carrier President’s Award

Official Heating & Cooling has been awarded the 2017 Carrier President’s Award! We are very pleased to announce the 2017 Carrier President’s Award and Bryant Circle of Champions Award winners. For years, these awards have been presented to those dealers who exemplify operational excellence, and a steadfast commitment to quality in the products they sell and the services that … Continued

Lexie Says: Seal Your Air Ducts

Why Should I Seal My Air Ducts? The average home loses between 20-30% of the airflow in the duct system due to holes and leaks caused by poorly connected fittings. This results in higher utility bills and comfort issues in certain rooms or levels of your home. Over 90% of existing buildings located throughout the … Continued

Ask Adam: Why My Rooms Different Temperatures?

Different Temperatures Most homes that have the greatest temperature discrepancies are two story, Tri-Level, and Bi-Levels. The rooms might be different temperatures because of the air leaking out of ducts and issues with zoning. These contribute to different temperatures in each room. With a free home evaluation, we can find and address the issues. But … Continued

Carbon Monoxide is Odorless & Colorless

What is Carbon Monoxide? It is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that can be toxic to humans and animals. Typical symptoms are headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. Your furnace is a source of carbon monoxide, especially if it has a defective heat exchanger. Lexie says, “To keep your family safe, install CO Detectors and … Continued

Ask Adam: What Is Wrong with My Ductwork?

Heating and cooling equipment is important to maintain a comfortable home. With today’s high-efficiency equipment, it’s easier to maintain that comfort but to achieve any comfort it requires to be properly designed and installed. This is especially true with your home’s ductwork. It needs to be properly designed to your home and installed. It also … Continued

Winterizing Your A/C Units

Do A/C units have to be winterized? Protect your A/C Many homeowners don’t know that their A/C units need to be protected during the off season. It will save you money in the long run and reduce any chances of it not working properly in the upcoming summer months. Winterizing A/C Units One of the … Continued

Ask Adam – Fall is Turning Into Winter

When should you start thinking about indoor comfort? All seasons, especially from fall to winter. Proper humidity is crucial in maintaining the indoor comfort of your home. The warmer we heat our homes, the drier the air becomes which increases the need to add moisture. This is accomplished with a humidifier. During the heating season, … Continued

Official HVAC is a Drop-Off Location for Home of the Sparrow

***Official HVAC Drop-Off will Accept: Gift Cards and Checks written to “Home of the Sparrow” only.***  This holiday season Official HVAC is a donation drop-off location for the non-profit organization, Home of the Sparrow. Their mission is to provide hope, opportunity, and support that empowers women and children, as they journey from homelessness to self-sufficiency. Official … Continued

Dry Air? Problem Solved!

Dry Air? Lexie says to ask about Aprilaire if you have dry air! And to hurry! Save on our in stock equipment with our warehouse clearance sale! Reach us at 800-350-HVAC (4822) or if you any other dry air or HVAC general questions. These offers expire at the end of November (11/30/16)   Humidifiers Without the … Continued