Carrier Cor Thermostat – Energy Star

ENERGY STAR products have saved $362 billion dollars on utility bills and have reduced 2.5 billion tons of greenhouse gases since 1992. ENERGY STAR saves money and protects our climate through superior energy efficiency. Are you looking to save energy and money with HVAC products? Look no further than the Carrier Cor thermostat. Carrier Cor … Continued

What Are Some Common A/C Myths?

  Sealing duct leaks reduces the amount of heated or cooled air the supply fan must handle to deliver the same amount of air to the conditioned space.Very frequently, customers ask us, “What is the best way to run the A/C?” The surprising fact is that many people have misconceptions on how to use their … Continued

Ask Adam: What Is An Air Exchange?

An air exchange is actually and air exchanger. The air exchanger manages the ventilation for the whole house. The installation of an air exchanger inside the house removes stale and polluted air from the house to the outside and replaces it with fresh air. Generally, an air exchanger system installed properly will renew the air … Continued

Ask Adam: What is a Furnace Fan?

Furnace Fan A furnace fan is the main component of a furnace system that forces air into an area of a home where heated air is needed. Most central heating systems in existence today are forced air systems and therefore require air to be moved in some way. A furnace fan, also known as a … Continued

Official Heating & Cooling Referral Program

Looking to save money? Join Official Heating & Cooling’s Referral Program “Refer a Friend” and $100 if you have been satisfied with our services we would appreciate a referral to your friends and neighbors. Any referral that uses Offical Heating & Cooling for any sales or services will automatically be credited towards your account with $100 … Continued

Ask Adam: How Good is My Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Carbon Monoxide Detector Many people think that just having any type of fire and carbon monoxide detector in their home will protect them. That is probably more accurate with fire/smoke detectors than it is for CO monitors. CO is an odorless gas that can kill you if it is inhaled. The health risk is based on age, … Continued

Ask Adam: Why is My A/C System Noisy?

Why is My A/C System Noisy? Relaxing inside on a warm summer day with the A/C running. Sounds great right? Well the clanking and buzzing noises coming from your A/C do not sound great. Why is your A/C system noisy? If the noise is loud enough to become a distraction in your home, chances are … Continued

Ask Adam: What’s An Attic Fan?

Attic Fan Many homes today still have a fan in the attic called a Power Attic Ventilator or PAV. Years ago, the thinking was that a fan in the attic would cool the attic and reduce the running time of the A/C unit. Modern building science has proven that an attic fan is more detrimental to … Continued

Honeywell Lyric™ Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector

Honeywell Lyric™ Protects Against Major Water Damage Detection & Protection The average water leak causes $7000 in damage according to the American Insurance Association. Installing a Honeywell Lyric detector and the alerts from the Lyric app can help reduce the risk. The unit can also detect temperatures that could freeze pipes and humidity that could … Continued