Ask Adam: Have You Checked Your Humidifier?

It is universally accepted that proper humidity levels make for a more comfortable and healthy indoor environment during the heating season. Yet every winter we run across numerous calls where water-related problems occur from humidifiers. Water Quality The water quality in your home will be the determining factor in the amount of attention your humidifier … Continued

Special Offer! Save 10% on Select Future Services!

Want an easy way to save on a future clean & check of your HVAC equipment? Or maybe a service repair for your furnace? If you’re agreeing to our services for the first time, you can save too! Simply leave us a review on Google! It’s easy, just follow the 2 steps below to save: … Continued

Ask Adam: What Does a Furnace Inspection Consist of?

All HVAC manufactures require annual inspections of their equipment to validate their warranty. Most homeowners know the importance of preventative maintenance but very few actually know what the process entails. Years ago furnaces had cast iron heat exchangers and burners. During the heating cycle, the constant expansion and contraction created metal fatigue which resulted in metal flaking. This … Continued

Ask Adam: How Much Do You Value the Safety of Your Family?

For most people, the answer would be “whatever it takes.” Unfortunately, there are way too many that have practically no protection from carbon monoxide poisoning and safety from that should be a priority. Now that we are entering the heating season everyone should be cognizant of this potential problem. Any appliance that has a flame is … Continued

Ask Adam: Cold Weather is Here

Weather Changes Now that the temperature is starting to match the month we are in, it’s important to be ready for the even colder weather. Once the first snowflake sticks, you will want to use the heat 24/7. What are some things that you can do now to make sure your heating system can take … Continued

Ask Adam: How Is Your Furnace Filter?

One of the most common problems we encounter on service calls is dirty filters. Many homeowners are very diligent at inspecting and replacing dirty filters but unfortunately too many are not. Typically, furnaces that are located in the basement or utility room are serviced more regularly than those in a crawl space or attic. The … Continued

Ask Adam: How Do I Protect My Basement?

This year has been devastating to millions of people who were forced from their homes due to flooding. When mother nature goes on a rampage there is no recourse except to flee for safety. Fortunately, most homeowners in our geographic area are not subjected to such extremes. However, every home with a basement should be protected … Continued

Lexie Says: Fall Tips! Tune Ups, Cleaning, and Filter Changes

Fall weather is quickly approaching! Soon you will be switching from air conditioning to heating! Before the weather gets tough and your furnace is working overtime, make sure that it is ready to go. Prevent any possible breakdowns mid single degree weather by having your furnace checked and cleaned now. There are a few things … Continued

Ask Adam: What is Zoning?

When talking about HVAC you may have heard the term zoning. And you may not have had an idea what that meant. Until now! What is Zoning? First, let’s break down what a zone is or zones are. Zone Zones are simply different areas of your home, each controlled by separate thermostats. Although creating different … Continued

Lexie Says: Change is Good!

Change always happens but it seems like the most noticeable changes are when it’s back to school season! TV commercials are all about back-to-school supplies, savings on uniforms and new clothes, and the house becoming quieter. With all the commotion of back-to-school happening, it might be hard to notice any change that does happen around … Continued